Contact: miah my domain (preferred) or linkedin

What I do

  • Automate, and defragment UNIX/Linux deployments
  • Diagnose, and Troubleshoot complex systems
  • Pair Program, and mentor
  • Build community, and knowledge

What I’m looking for

  • Traditional UNIX/Linux Systems Administration and Operations focus
  • Automation build-out, optimization, and technical debt paydown
  • Focus on stability
  • Focus on ease of understanding and future maintainability
  • Transparency across the organization
  • Autonomy
  • Open Source

What I’ve done

  • Distributed users through NSS using LDAP
  • Managed various HTTP servers like Apache, Nginx, tomcat, unicorn, WEBrick
  • Configuration Management with Ansible, Chef, cfengine, Puppet, RANCID, and rsync
  • Setup and Managed Continuous Integration, and Monitoring
  • Managed Firewalls, Load Balancers, DNS, E-Mail, and VPNs
  • Built Linux Distributions, and Packages
  • Worked with Solaris, IRIX, and other commercial UNIX’s
  • Contributing Author to Women in Tech
  • Managed now ancient systems, like Netware, Windows 3.1, SCO Openserver/Unixware
  • And much much more!

Who I’ve worked for

Open Source contributions and git repo’s

  • miah-oss - my new Github account
  • miah - my old Github account (most of my contributions are here)

Miah Johnson

Transgender, Author, Video Game Player, Programmer, UNIX, Fixer of Broken things(self not included); mechanic?

Lets work together!